Water Fasting Day 9: Soreness Like Never Before

Have your shoulders even been so sore, that just standing up and letting your arms hang down, the weight of your arms felt like they’re gonna rip off from your shoulders? That just happened to me.

Day 9 Activities

Honestly not much in the activities department. Did my blog, emails, body measurements, 20 minute walk, shoulder pain, passed out, socialize 30 minutes, and just hung out at home. Let me get to the weird shoulder issue I had.

Shoulders Just Lost It

I was going through my day feeling relatively good. I was wrapping up my very short 20 minute walk and my shoulders and upper back were feeling a lil sore.  So i went home, did some stretching, and a little foam rolling by like 11am.

I’m not sure if the foam rolling did anything but soon after my shoulders felt super sore.  Soreness I never before felt.  I didn’t/couldn’t foam roll the shoulders so that’s why I don’t think it was related.  It wasn’t a sharp pain, but rather like a soreness from over use of the muscles.  It felt like maybe I climbed 30 flights up stairs with a 50 lb backpack on my shoulders plus a 30 lb dumbbell in each hand.  Just standing up felt like the weight of my arms where ripping my shoulders off.  Trying to straighten my back for good posture was an unbearable amount of soreness.

So I just laid down in bed and tried to find a position to take the weight off my shoulders.  I eventually did and passed the fuck out instantly. I don’t remember how much I slept because I was unsure of the time, but my girlfriend woke me up because we had to meet someone real quick.  I was super groggy and my shoulders were still bad but a lil better.  While I was meeting with people they could tell I was visually tired or exhausted.  Eventually the day went by and things got back to normal.

But I never experienced that kind of muscle soreness. Definitely thought I should notate this in my water fasting entries.


Day Time Weight (lbs) Temp Systolic Diastolic Pulse
0 1:08 PM 170 36.6 C 103 67 61
1 8:48 AM 170 36.0 C 108 71 51
2 7:40 AM 167 36.2 C 107 69 56
3 7:27 AM 165 36.2 C 106 70 68
4 7:53 AM 163.5 36.1 C 106 70 60
5 7:50 AM 161.5 36.0 C 106 70 59
6 9:52 AM 160 36.3 C 115 72 55
7 7:33 AM 159.5 36.0 C 106 71 64
8 7:20 AM 158 37.0 C 117 76 77
9 7:28 AM 157 36.4 C 99 68 70

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