Water Fasting Day 4: Hibernation

From the 3 days of doing nothing, relaxing, and watching tv, apparently i needed a lot of sleep on day 4.

Day 4 Activities

Woke up at 7am and conducted my morning ritual of peeing, reading and replying emails, measuring my body stats, and getting stuck in an instagram scrolling session.

I then wrote about Day 3 of water fasting and I got pretty tired by like 11am.  I started playing reruns of Archer on netflix and passed out shortly.

I then woke up at around 3:30pm to the sound of my girlfriend coming home early! She catches me sleeping for the 4th day in a row. ? We hang out a bit and decide to get massages.  That’s definitely a benefit of living in Manila.  We both got hour long massages at a nice spot for about $20 each.  That is kind of an expensive massage for the Philippines, but we live in a very expensive part of town.

After the massages my girlfriend picks up food from a Korean restaurant Yoree. They have a little bakery section and everything looks soooooo delicious.

At home she eats, I distract myself on the internets, and I think i’m sleeping again at by 11pm.  So I think I was only up today for about 11.5 hours today.

How Long To Fast?

I started to really contemplate how long I want to do this for. I was on day 4 out of potentially 21.  I originally wanted to do 14 days, but my friend who’s more experienced in water fasting recommended I do 21-28 days.  Normally I usually weighed in at 155 lbs but I started the fast at 170 lbs, which is 15 lbs of extra fat.

If I ate around 2500 calories with normal activity I would be relatively stable weight which means my body is using approximately 2500 calories a day.  One pound of fat is 3500 calories. Since i’m having less activity than usual, i’m estimating i’ll burn about 3500 calories every 2 days. That’s about 1/2 a pound a day.  Losing 1/2 a pound of fat a day means I need 30 days to rid of myself of that excess 15 pounds. That’s just getting me to “normal” so I figure I would want to fast beyond this.  This does not seem feasible mainly because I have a partner.

That’s a long way to go and I feel bad for my partner living with me.  I’m just sleepy all the time, I have bad breath, we can’t share meals, I can’t do a lot activities.  Basically it sucks living with me.  I have enough determination to do a prolonged fast, but I honestly don’t know if I want to.

Ketogenic Diet

So as a compromise, I’m considering switching to a ketogenic diet after my fast.  This can hopefully allow me to have energy, start eating, and most importantly continue to burn fat.  Although it’s almost easier to just not eat anything over tracking everything i’m eating, this seems like a good idea to me. Now time to look up what a Ketogenic Diet is.


Day Time Weight (lbs) Temp Systolic Diastolic Pulse
0 1:08 PM 170 36.6 C 103 67 61
1 8:48 AM 170 36.0 C 108 71 51
2 7:40 AM 167 36.2 C 107 69 56
3 7:27 AM 165 36.2 C 106 70 68
4 7:53 AM 163.5 36.1 C 106 70 60

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