Water Fasting Day 10: It Was A Good Day

Just wakin’ up in the morning, gotta thank God, I don’t know, but today seems kinda odd
No pain from canker sore, no more, and shoulder feeling good down to the core

Hey! I actually felt pretty good on day 10.  Every day is a surprise. lol

Day’s Activities:

So I got about like 6 hours of sleep.  Not bad.  I try to sleep at like 10pm, but I always have a bit of insomnia and when you’re sleeping all day, it’s hard to go back to sleep sometimes.  Woke up at 6am, emails, blogs, and measurements.  After the boredom set in, decided to take a walk which is about 1 mile round trip.  Got back, showered, and took a nap.  The only “bad” thing that happened on Day 10 was I woke up really groggy from this nap.  I thought it wasn’t a big deal, but I may as mention it as that was the only negative feeling I had. The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my partner, trip planning, podcasts.

The Best Day Yet!

This was truly the best day I’ve had water fasting.

Canker Sore Update

Wilson, my canker sore finally is in remission!  When I looked at it, it was very red around the sore as blood is getting pumped in to heal it.  Also it was not as painful which is the true indicator.  It’s amazing that I can be eating nothing, yet the body can still repair itself.  I guess that’s the whole point of the water fasting experience!

No Hunger

I feel the longer I go, the less hungry I feel.  When I look at food or smell it, my body still does have a reaction ???.   I could go another 50 days, literally, but like I said before not eating is not the problem.


My shoulders was killing my on Day 9, but now are completely back to normal.  I still don’t know what happened there, but i’m glad that’s over.  I have some updates on my other body issues, but I think i’ll talk about them tomorrow in my video and give me one more day of measuring


So i’m down to 155.5 lb from 170.  I’m looking like myself from about 2 years ago.  I wonder what it would have been like if I started fasting then at 155 and down to like 140?  I can’t believe I just blew past 160 and went as high as 170 in the first place.  I’m assuming i’m gonna regain some of that weight, but I believe my ideal weight is around 150.

People always tell me I’m skinny and 150 is too skinny, but I disagree.  A Lightweight boxer’s average height is 5’9″ and they have to weigh in at 135!.  Granted they intentionally lose water weight and put it back on, but adding 15 lbs of water puts rock solid at 150 lbs.


Day Time Weight (lbs) Temp Systolic Diastolic Pulse
0 1:08 PM 170 36.6 C 103 67 61
1 8:48 AM 170 36.0 C 108 71 51
2 7:40 AM 167 36.2 C 107 69 56
3 7:27 AM 165 36.2 C 106 70 68
4 7:53 AM 163.5 36.1 C 106 70 60
5 7:50 AM 161.5 36.0 C 106 70 59
6 9:52 AM 160 36.3 C 115 72 55
7 7:33 AM 159.5 36.0 C 106 71 64
8 7:20 AM 158 37.0 C 117 76 77
9 7:28 AM 157 36.4 C 99 68 70
10 7:43 AM 155.5 36.4 C 99 68 70

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