Water Fasting Day 1: The Boredom

Wow, when you don’t have to eat, plan meals, lookup restaurants, or digest, things get kinda boring…

Oh, the boredom

Today i’m recapping Day 1 which went by pretty slooooow and at times I felt sooo bored.  I did not leave my apartment today, so that probably factored into the boredom.  All in all it was a good day.  I did feel hungry at times, but nothing too difficult.  I believe I am naturally good at skipping meals comparatively to other people.  I also think if I was deserted on an island, I would fare better than most as I always considered going without eating for a day as my special power.  Yea it’s kind of a lame special power, but that’s what they gave me.  I know some people that get real hangry if they are delayed even a few hours for a meal!  I sometimes wonder if those friends would have a much harder time attempting the water fast.

The Rundown

So I managed to drink about 2.75 liters of water.  I don’t naturally drink a lot of water, so hopefully this experience will start me on the path of drinking more.  There are plenty of days where I don’t drink ANY water, but I do feel like I get a lot of h2o from my foods though as I’m a big fan of soups.

I think i must have peed about 20 times?  This is why I don’t drink too much water! I swear I urinated more than 2.75L! Pee was clear as the water I was drinking.  Maybe i’ll hold off on flushing as I’m just wasting so much water doing that!

I did a few no-nos as well.  I’ve been brushing my teeth with toothpaste.  I’ve heard you’re not supposed to do this, but I feel like i’m living with my partner and i’m already inconveniencing her by not eating, so the least I can do is brush my teeth.  I might switch to just brushing with water and see how funkay it gets.

Also while I was helping my girlfriend cook dinner last night, I accidentally, by reflex, licked my finger that got about a drop of marinade on it.  The marinade was soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sugar, salt, vinegar, and maybe some more tasty flavors. Oh it was amazing!!! The taste of a single drop flooded the taste buds on the tongue and was exhilarating.  Wow, it’s only day 2 (I write about the day before) and food probably would taste soooo good right now.  Anyway my bad, and i’ll be more careful from here on out..

Day Time Weight (lbs) Temp Systolic Diastolic Pulse
0 1:08 PM 170 36.6 C 103 67 61
1 8:48 AM 170 36.0 C 108 71 51

How I filled my time

  1. Wrote my Day 0 Water Fast blog post
  2. Wrote about Currency Exchange and how not to get ripped off
  3. Watched 3 episodes of House of Cards.  So far so good.  I was doing stuff while watching it, but I think I need to watch this show more carefully.  It’s like the Wire of government but with Kevin Spacey playing a manipulative genius.
  4. Listened to 2 episodes of S Town podcast.  The links used in podcast apps and the site was NOT working.  But you can listen to it on youtube.  Good old youtube and it’s reliability!
  5. Helped my girlfriend cook some dinner which smelled amazing, but supposedly not that good.  It’s hard to find good produce in Manila.  Well probably because we’re trying to buy stuff that isn’t innate to the region.  We got to figure out the good stuff here.  Tons of not so good for you stuff which I definitely am a fan of. ?

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