Water Fasting Day 0: The Reason

After years of contemplation and trying to schedule a chuck of free time, I’m finally going to try water fasting for 14-21 days.  That’s right, for the next 2-3 weeks, i’m not going to eat anything and only drink water.  It’s been something I’ve been interested in since 2013 since my former boss had told me about it and had under gone it himself.

A Fresh Start

If you aren’t familiar with water fasting, it’s real simple. Just drink water.  I’m not going to write a whole entry on what fasting is, but rather how it pertains to me.

Watch this video about the potential benefits from the guy who runs a water fasting center: (watch it 1.5x speed)

What i’m hoping water fasting will do for me is to basically restart and rebalance out my body after decades of wear and tear.  Over the years, I feel my body has made adjustments based on how I lived and adjustments are made on top of adjustments.  Additionally, toxins accrued over time are stored in fat cells. Over time, my body has changed itself from a more natural state to one that’s stiffened to meet the demands of how I lived my life.

I quite my job and just moved to the Philippines, embarking on a new phase of my life.  This seems like the perfect opportunity to reset my body.

The Ailments

I’m now 34 years old and over the last decade or so, I have developed some rather annoying ailments i’m hoping that fasting will alleviate.

  1. Sore / Stiff Ankles: I don’t exactly know when this started, but i regularly have some ankle pain particularly in the left one.  It sometimes appears as stiff, other times it’s sore as walk at the time when I am pushing off for the next step.  This has affected me for several years and it’s slooooowly getting worse.  Usually when i run and my ankle is warmed up, it hurts less.  I would say it’s not a detrimental amount of pain, but i notice it on a daily basis.  I’ve always blamed the multiple ankle sprains I encountered in my twenties playing basketball for this ailment.
  2. Nick and scratches on my legs heal super slow:  I’ve noticed this also for the last 5 years or so.  When i get a small cut on my leg or ankle, it may scab over like normal, but it doesn’t really heal.  It’s a scab, then the scab might accidentally get ripped off or rubbed off in the shower, then it re-scabs over and repeats.  Basically I feel as if these little injuries particularly on my extremities are slow to heal.  I have noticed with age, that in general i have been slower to heal.  I’m hoping shedding some weight and releasing the toxins from my body will help me heal quicker.
  3. Weight gain: My entire adult life I have been about 5′ 9″ and between 150-160 lbs.  Whenever I was approaching 160 I would naturally feel heavy and uncomfortable and would drop down back to 153-155.  Two years ago I moved to NYC and i was working longer and harder, not exercising, and eating plenty (that ny food is soooo good :P). In a blink of an eye, i hit uncharted territory and now i’m sitting heavy at 170 lbs.  I know some people might think 170 lbs at 5’9″ is not bad, BUT it really depends on the person’s frame and my natural weight should be around 150.  I feel terrible when I hit 160 and even worse at 170, but the longer I stay at 170, the more my body is learning to cope with that.  At the very least, this fast should help me in this department.
  4. Eye discomfort and blurred vision:  For the last 2 months i’ve been dealing with some eye discomfort in my right eye and blurred vision.  I have a genetic corneal dystrophy issue to begin with which is probably related.  Basically my right eye’s vision has gone to shit, and I think it’s over straining itself trying to focus getting through the day.  As i’m typing this i’m zoomed in on my computer at 150% to not overstrain my eye.  I’m just hoping the general healing properties of fasting can help me some in this department as well.
  5. Foot warts 2x: I never had a wart before.  In the last year or so, i developed 1 wart on the bottom of each foot in the same exact spot!  I don’t quite know if it’s a wart, but it’s a growth on the bottom of my feet.  It’s funny that they are in the same spot respectively on each foot.  Like I mentioned earlier, my extremities, particularly legs and below have trouble healing themselves.  So we’ll see where these guys stand after the fast.

The Plan

My original plan was to fast for 14 days.  My girlfriend is fairly concerned as I think most people who never heard of fasting might think you might die from not eating for 2 weeks.  My friend who has suggested the fast has encouraged me to do 21-28 days.  This would be better for helping out the longer chronic issues I have.  So I will be doing a minimum of 14 and if i feel like there is still much healing going on at that time, i plan to extend it.

The plan is simple.

  1. Drink 3-4 liters of water slowly throughout the day. I chose a more alkaline water which I hear is better to use during a water fast. Here’s the water I chose and my options were limited in Manila.
  2. Measure and log my weight, temperature, blood pressure
  3. Write a blog entry about water fasting
  4. Write a blog entry about finance (for fun)
  5. Binge watch netflix.  I think i’ll start with House of Cards which i’ve been meaning to watch.


Day Time Weight Temp Systolic Diastolic Pulse
0 1:08 PM 170 36.6 C 103 67 61

Till next time!

Water Fasting Day 1: The Boredom

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