How To Minimize Taxes During Retirement

If you’re like me, you have a 401k, Roth IRA, taxable brokerage accounts, and you’ve contributed to social security through the years.  All these vessels have different tax benefits and tax requirements when you make your distributions.  Here’s how I would maximize my money by minimizing taxes.  This will be applicable if you’re retiring now, helping your parents out, or if you’re planning for the future which I am.

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Exercising Startup Stock Options and Tax Implications (2018)

Stock Options at an early startup sucks, until it doesn’t.  Basically until the company goes public (IPO), sells to another company, or grows big enough to know it’s not going to fail, these stock options are a costly gamble.  Purchasing my stocks and paying the taxes cost me about $33k!  Since these options were part of my compensation package, it’s really hard to leave them on the table though.  I’ve got too much FOMO to not buy them!  Here’s the story of my 2nd options exercise and how it affected my taxes.

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Deducting Business Use of a Car and Recapture

I love getting a good deal!

One of the greatest things of running a business is that you get to deduct business expenses.  I live in California and for the most part when I buy a business item, I almost feel like I get it for about 35% off!

How did I get 35%? Well i’m in the 28% federal bracket and about like 9.3% in the state bracket.  That’s like 35%ish. Close enough 😀

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