About This Site

Hi! My name is Andrew and here I am super tired after hiking. I’m interested in financial tech companies, personal finance, money hacking, money saving, and investing.  My last job was at a financial tech company and I like helping others with the financial planning.

I am very interested in all things financial, but I am not a finance professional.  All advice and products I endorse are of my opinion and from my perspective.  I do not take any responsibility for anything you have read on this site.  All information is presented to be helpful, but should be taken with a grain of salt. Laws and rules are subject to changes over time and local regions.

Anyway, I hope you find this site informational and helpful.

The Problem with Personal Finance

The main issue with Finance is it that it seems overly complicated.  The financial professionals have a different word for everything and makes personal finance seem impossibly difficult.  It’s true that finance is a difficult topic, but just understanding a few concepts can get you to 90%.  The remaining 10% is for the the super frugal and extremely cheapskates who will take 5 hours to compare car insurance plans.  That’s me and I’ll report my findings here!

I recommend starting with my simplified retirement guide if you are just getting started.

Mission Statement

I want to share my research and knowledge of finance as I learn it myself.  I am not a professional financial advisor or salesman and I think that is beneficial for you, the reader.  All the important things about personal finance is free and paying for it is a bad financial decision.  I am putting my face on this site and personal examples.  This site is not some financial company trying to pitch you their expensive products.  I want to put the important stuff on top of the posts and less important stuff, like about me, on the bottom.

More About Me:

Hey! Still here? Well my name is Andrew Yoo and i’m a “retired” programmer living abroad in Manila. I was born and raised in Los Angeles CA and I worked 12 years from 2006 to 2017 as a software engineer and product manager making web applications in San Francisco and New York.  I lean towards libertarian views and like to question societal and cultural norms, but that’s a whole different can of worms.

Throughout some of those years, I was paid relatively high wages and have spent fairly conservatively. I’m no where near silicon valley IPO rich, but I did make (low) 6 figures for several years. Once you start saving money though, you realize you should be doing something with it.

So the next step was investing! Making and saving money always was pretty interesting to me and making money with money is even more awesome. I like to maximize my money whether it’s getting a great deal on a product or finding deductions to take on my taxes. I have my own company, earn business income, invest in the market, own my own property, am a landlord, and my new challenge is doing this all remotely from Manila and living frugally as I try to make some money working on some passion projects.

So here’s my finance blog filled with tips to somewhat complex topics that i’ve researched. Finance and taxes are a complicated beast, and I personally don’t think everyone in the world should think or worry about it. There is not enough time in a day to worry about your finances and the rest of your responsibilities. You should let people who like to research these topics do the research. So my goal is to give you the plain and simple finance direction for you to run with, but if you’re into detail, please feel free to read the explicit examples and numbers I will provide.